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    2015 annual ranking of the top ten Chinese diesel generator sets

    Statistics and feedback from users in many ways to provide you with generator sets Brand, Chinese brand list generators, turbines top ten brands ranked, a brief analysis of what makes a good generator sets, generator sets which brand is good, for consumers to understand generators brands as a reference.

    On firewood

    (In 1947, he won the Chinese famous brand, national trademark protection, high-tech enterprises, state-owned holding companies, diesel top ten brands, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.)

    Jinan Diesel oil

    (In 1920, the national protection of trademarks, one of China's first production diesel engine manufacturers, one of the industry's most influential brand, Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.)


    (In 1951, he won the Chinese famous brand, national protection of trademarks, one of the world's largest independent diesel engine production base in Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co., Ltd.)


    (Weichai diesel generator set is defined by the Shandong Weichai Holding Group, a wholly owned subsidiary Weichai Heavy Machinery (Weifang) Power Equipment Co., Ltd., the use of Weichai Group developed the production of engines, supporting the well-known brand generators, unit manufacture, test execution GB / T2820 standard)

    Feng burst

    (Feng burst diesel generator ,, won the Chinese brand, China energy-saving product certification, the most competitive brand of diesel generating sets, intelligent digital unit leader, Company Name: Shanghai Feng burst Machinery Co., Ltd.)


    (Founded in 1919, the United States, one of the largest independent engine manufacturer, large multinational companies, top ten brand diesel engines, Cummins (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)

    Hair Margin

    (World-renowned manufacturer of diesel generators, diesel generators known brands, Shanghai hair margin of Electrical Equipment Factory)


    (Won the Chinese famous brand, large listed companies, China's 500 most valuable brands, one of the first Chinese professional manufacturer internal combustion engine, Changchai Co., Ltd.)


    (In 1994, the high-tech enterprises in Fujian Province, famous brand gasoline generator, Sino-Japanese joint venture, Fujian Mindong Honda generators Ltd.)


    (One was founded in 1887 in Japan, a large multinational company, the first motor-assisted bicycle sales in the world business, Yamaha Motor (China) Co., Ltd.)

    The generator set by the multi-chart statistics and feedback from users to collect stars, aims to better understand consumers and industry leading companies to buy generators and products. This information is only for reference, does not mean that we recommend to buy, in alphabetical order, this statistic does not participate in any authentication competitions, nor any PPC generator brands for consumers to understand the reference, please before readers to buy more study in local service vendor, and to welcome you to leave us feedback in the comments.

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