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    The global economy and the future vitality by adding clean diesel technology

    Washington, April 22, 2015 / PRNewswire PRNewswire / - Today, more than 10 million people in more than 190 countries celebrate the 45th Earth Day (Earth Day), one of the most historic recognize environmental achievements - - clean diesel technology to a cleaner environment contributed, while providing support is very important for the global economy.

    Diesel Technology Forum (Diesel Technology Forum) (www.dieselforum.org) Executive Director Allen - Shafir (Allen Schaeffer), said: 'Every year, we celebrate and start to protect and enhance the environment, conserve resources and improve quality of life commitment to clean diesel technology leader and the world's most advanced and powerful engines, equipment, machinery and vehicles and fuel companies, this is not just a vision, it is a daily reality. '

    'We believe the next generation of clean diesel technology will bring environmental progress and economic opportunities.'

    'Thanks to several innovative R & D investment, engine, vehicle and equipment manufacturers billions of dollars now able to produce various sizes of engines, almost zero emissions and higher fuel efficiency, and can use many different materials of the series Renewable bio-diesel fuel. '

    'Why is this important? Diesel is the main energy in key areas of the global economy, is the preferred technology for more than 90% of global trade, including road construction, agriculture industry, will be listed on the product as well as provide an important public service.'

    'The world faces many different environmental challenges and economic aspirations, especially when it comes to mixing old and new vehicles and technologies old and new low-emission diesel engine for the center is to use the highest quality ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. These cleaner fuels can bring immediate to use all the benefits of their engines and machines, it should be the first choice of all state and government. This opened the door to get the latest, cleanest and most productive of diesel engines and more social benefits they bring . '

    'Today the world economy depends on diesel-powered and diesel engines have become able to meet the needs of a sustainable future of the global economy, the environment and climate.'

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