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    Diesel engine business in the first quarter ranking major reshuffle

    China Automobile Industry Association released sales data show that the first quarter of this year 21 companies were sold cars with diesel cars with diesel 738,300 units, down 25.63 percent, eight corporate sales fell. Sales of the top 10 companies sold 626,400 diesel units, accounting for 84.84% of the total cumulative sales of diesel engines. Which has always been the top two selling Yuchai and Weichai, after the sharp decline in sales in the first quarter, ranking drop to third, five, all wood and more than China FAW, the highest sales list.

    2014, Yuchai, Weifang, China FAW diesel sales breakdown of the top three, accounting for about 45% of the 21 vehicles with total sales of diesel engine business, while in the first quarter of this year, the three companies lost 'half the sky' advantage, total sales share has been reduced to 30%. All wood, JMH, cloud power, Foton sales market share has improved.

    Construction machinery and heavy trucks market malaise remains the leading cause Yuchai, Weifang, China FAW diesel sales decline. According to the Automobile Association statistics show that the first quarter of this year, heavy, medium trucks sales of diesel were 36,000, 20,900, up respectively 45.32% and 47.98%, light-duty diesel trucks sold 315,000, a decline of 25.14%. Passenger growth remained stable, total sales of 68,000 diesel buses, an increase of 9.88%, including light-duty diesel passenger cars, sales of 52,800, an increase of over one percent.

    Yuchai engine first quarter sales 77,200 units, down 38.95 percent, accounting for 10.46% of the total 21 companies of diesel sales. It is reported that supporting the market Yuchai truck sales fell 44 percent, matching the amount of passenger cars still occupy the first place. Not long ago, Yuchai released 10 new aircraft, will be key to stabilizing its 2015 sales. For light truck market, Yuchai released displacement of 2.5L YC4FQ-48 series diesel engines for light trucks 5 tons or less four countries Cheap car engines. State five aspects of diesel engines, Yuchai prepared YC4Y22-50, YC4S-50, YC4EG-50, YC6MK-50 and other models, light passenger, light truck, pickup, SUV, MPV and the high-end covered trucks, passenger car market. 2015, Yuchai power plan truck sales increase to 230,000 units, passenger car increased to 130,000 units, compared with 7,000 units of passenger cars powered.

    Weichai diesel sales in the first quarter fell 58.69%, only 63,200 units, accounting for 8.56 percent of total industry sales. Weichai currently supporting heavy truck market share has decreased to 36.5%, the future need for further concentration of superior resources, the adjustment of product structure. In addition, the new release of Weichai 493 models with a light machine WP3 fight the world have been supporting and JAC success, WP3 rapid increase in production and sales year on year, but the ownership is still limited in the future to promote the need to continue to strengthen.

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