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    Diesel generator maintenance

    Engine maintenance:

    A level maintenance

    A day:

    1) Check the generator work daily.

    2) Check the generator: Oil flat, coolant plane.

    3) generators daily inspection for damage, doped drain, whether loose or worn belt.

    Second, the weekly:

    1) repeated daily A-level examination.

    2) Check the air filter, clean or replace the air filter cores.

    3) the release of the fuel tank and fuel filter the water or sediment.

    4) Check the water filter.

    5) Check the starter battery.

    6) Start generator and check whether the impact.

    7) with air blowing and water before and after end of Sin cooler heat sink.

    Level B Maintenance

    1) Repeat A-level daily and weekly checks.

    2) Replace the generator oil. (Oil change interval is 250 hours or one month)

    3) Replace the oil filter. (Oil filter replacement cycle for 250 hours or one month)

    4) Replace the fuel filter cartridge. (Replacement cycle for 250 hours or one month)

    5) Replace the coolant or checking the coolant. (Water filter replacement cycle of 250-300 hours, add in the cooling system

    Note supplemental cooling liquid DCA)

    6) Clean or replace the air filter. (Air filter replacement cycle for 500-600 hours)

    C level maintenance

    1) Replace the fuel filter, oil filter, water filter, replace the water in the tank and oil.

    2) Adjust the fan belt tensioner degrees.

    3) Check the turbocharger.

    4) dismantling, inspection and cleaning PT pumps, actuators.

    5) Remove the rocker cover and check the T-plate, valve guides and intake and exhaust valve.

    6) Adjust the nozzle lift; adjust valve clearance.

    7) Check the alternator.

    8) Check the radiator and clean the water tank external radiator.

    9) inside the tank plus tanks treasure, cleaning inside the water tank.

    10) Check the engine sensors and wires.

    11) Check the engine instrument box.

    D level maintenance

    1) Replace the engine oil, diesel oil, bypass, water filter, replace the oil and engine circulating water.

    2) Clean or replace the air filter.

    3) Remove the rocker cover and check the valve guides, T-plate.

    4) Check and adjust valve clearance.

    5) Replace the rocker pad up and down.

    6) Check the fan and bracket, and adjust the belt.

    7) Check the turbocharger.

    8) Check the engine electrical wiring.

    9) Check the motor field part of the line.

    10) calibration meter box connected lines.

    11) Check the water tank and external cleaning.

    12) Repair or replace the pump.

    13) One-cylinder dismantling the main bearing and connecting rod bearing wear.

    14) checking or adjusting the electronic speed working conditions.

    15) toward the generator grease lubrication points pressure injection.

    16) toward the generator excitation part dusting work.

    17) Check the turbocharger axial and radial clearance, such as ultra-poor should be repaired.

    18) Clean and correct fuel injectors, fuel pump

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